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How to save a report into My Favorite Reports?


How to save a report into My Favorite Reports?


Step 1: View a report then click on "Save As" button on the top right corner.

View a report

Step 2
Enter name of your new report.

Enter name of the report

Step 3
Go to the menu My Favorite Reports to check if the report is save.

My Favorite Reports menu

Available parameters that you can change for your report

Date Range
Select date range so Assisty will load your new report with that pre-defined range the next time you open it.

Select Date Range

Group by
Select a dimension to group your data (by day, by month or by product, by product variant...)

Select a dimension

Analytic Type
Choose how you want to analyze the data (Top high, top low)

Select Analytics Type

Updated on: 03/06/2022

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