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Assisty Helpdesk Master Guide: Your Comprehensive Resource for Using Assisty

Welcome to Assisty, the comprehensive analytics tool designed to transform your data into actionable insights. This guide will introduce you to the main components and features of Assisty, demonstrating how it can solve critical business problems and enhance your decision-making process.

Solving Business Problems with Assisty

Assisty is designed to address a variety of business challenges through its comprehensive suite of features:

Core Business Metrics
Gaining a clear view of these metrics is vital for making informed decisions that can drive business growth and efficiency. Assisty simplifies this process, presenting you with straightforward insights into your sales and inventory.

Effective Inventory Tracking
Effective inventory management is key to reducing costs and meeting customer demand. Assisty offers precise tracking capabilities, ensuring you have the right stock, at the right place, at the right time.

Comprehensive Sales Reporting
A comprehensive view of sales data helps pinpoint areas for growth and improvement. Assisty's detailed reporting tools provide insights across various sales dimensions, enabling you to strategize effectively.

Inventory Forecasting
Accurate forecasting ensures you can meet customer demand without tying up too much capital in inventory. Assisty aids in predicting these needs, helping you maintain optimal stock levels.

Inventory Replenishment Assistance
Proper replenishment planning prevents stockouts and excess inventory, maintaining a healthy cash flow. Assisty provides actionable insights for making these critical decisions.

Product Performance Evaluation
Understanding product performance allows for better product management and optimization strategies, leading to increased sales and profitability. Assisty's analytics help in evaluating and segmenting products based on their performance, simplifying management tasks.

Main Components of Assisty

Left Navigation Menu
This menu ensures that every feature and report within Assisty is just a few clicks away, providing a seamless navigation experience that saves time and enhances productivity.

Navigation Menu

Report Library
To offer immediate access to a wide range of analytics reports that cater to the common needs of businesses, enabling users to quickly find and utilize insights relevant to their operations.
You can use natural language to effortlessly explore and find the ideal report for your needs in the report library.
Report Library

These dashboards are crafted to give you immediate insights into essential sales and inventory metrics, helping you make quick, informed decisions without needing to set up anything.
Access our predefined dashboards through the left menu, where they are organized into purpose-driven categories for your convenience: Business Metrics, Inventory Replenishment, Demand Forecasting, Sales Performance, Product Analytics, Inventory Tracking, Inventory Replenishment.


Custom Report
This component empowers merchants to dig deeper into their data, creating reports that align precisely with their unique business questions and analytics needs, for insights that are as specific as they are actionable.
Custom reports you've created are accessible in the My Reports section.
For a detailed guide on creating a custom report, please refer to this article.

Custom Report

Custom Dashboard
It allows users to concentrate on the metrics that matter most to them by customizing their dashboard view. This personalization ensures that key data is front and center, facilitating more focused analysis and decision-making.
Your personalized dashboards are available in the My Dashboards section.
For a comprehensive tutorial on how to create a custom dashboard, please consult this article.

Custom Dashboard

Scheduled Reports
To ensure that users receive the latest insights directly to their inbox at scheduled intervals, eliminating the need for manual report generation and ensuring timely access to critical business intelligence.
Scheduled reports that you've set up can be found in the Scheduled Reports section.
For an in-depth guide on setting up scheduled reports, please see this article.

Scheduled Reports

Product Segment (Coming Soon)
It enables users to conduct granular analyses and gain targeted insights by categorizing products according to various criteria. This segmentation aids in optimizing product strategies and understanding performance at a nuanced level.

Main Features of Assisty

Customization Ease
Customize reports and dashboards with ease, thanks to Assisty's user-friendly interface.
This feature empowers you to tailor your data analysis precisely, allowing for the creation of insights that align perfectly with your specific business requirements, all while keeping the process straightforward and accessible.

Export Data
Export data directly from reports and dashboards, adding flexibility to how you share and utilize your insights.
With this new feature, you can effortlessly share your data across different platforms and in various formats, ensuring that your insights can be integrated into presentations, reports, or further analyses, regardless of the external environment.

Scheduled Report Delivery
Automate your report delivery with scheduled emails, emphasizing convenience and efficiency.
This feature ensures you're always up-to-date with the latest data, providing timely insights directly to your inbox and saving you from manual checks, thereby maintaining continuous awareness of your business metrics.

Product Segments Management
Easily create and analyze product segments, using either data-driven methods or manual selection.
This allows for detailed reporting on specific product categories, offering targeted analysis that can inform more nuanced and effective strategies for product management and optimization.

User Collaboration
Add team members to Assisty, making it simpler for groups to collaborate and share access to the app.
Enhance your team's productivity and decision-making capabilities by facilitating easier access to analytics, promoting teamwork, and ensuring everyone is on the same page with shared insights.

Updated on: 21/02/2024

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