How to manually set incoming inventory using Google spreadsheets

Navigate to Incoming Inventory Settings:

Log in to your Assisty account.
Go to the "Settings" menu.

Generate Google spreadsheets file:

Select "Incoming Inventory" from the options available.
Select source "Google spreadsheets file" by the select box.
Click button "Generate now" to get the spreadsheets file
Select the Google Drive account to receive the file, or click Add New if there's no account yet.
Click button "Generate and share".

generate imcoming inventory sheets

Generate Google spreadsheets file:

Open the speardsheets file, then choose "incoming_inventory" sheet, then enter data for the corresponding columns: product, location, and quantity.
Go back to the setting page, click button "Update Data" to Assisty", the process will take a few minutes.

insert data

Go to report data and see if incoming quantity is updated

report data

Updated on: 24/06/2024

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