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Inventory Replenishment Report in Practice: Navigating Advanced Features

Filtering Data

Our report offers robust filtering options, allowing you to narrow down the data based on specific criteria. This helps in focusing on the information that is most relevant to your needs.

Filter by Store Location, Vendor, or Product Type:
Tailor the report to show data for a specific store location, vendor, or type of product. This is particularly useful for merchants with multiple store locations or a wide range of products.

Select store location

Select store location

Select Vendor

Select Vendor

Predefined Filter Views:
To streamline your experience, we have predefined filter views:
All Data: View the complete dataset.
Need Re-order: Focus on products that need to be reordered based on the JIT inventory strategy.
Out-of-Stock: Quickly identify products that are currently out of stock.
Out-of-Stock Soon: View products that are likely to run out of stock in the near future.

Customizable Column Views

To further enhance your report usage, we offer customizable column views. This feature allows you to select which data columns are visible, making your analysis more focused and efficient.

Predefined Column Views:
All Columns: Displays all available data columns.
Summary: Includes essential columns for a comprehensive overview: Product, Variant, SKU, Vendor, Reorder Quantity, Unit Cost, Reorder Cost, Vendor Lead Time, Safety Stock Days, Total Units Sold, Quantity On-hand, Incoming Inventory, Days of Inventory Remaining.
Re-order: Focused view for reordering purposes, showing Product, Variant, SKU, Vendor, Reorder Quantity, Unit Cost, Reorder Cost.

Exporting Data

You can export data based on your selected column view. This is useful for creating reports, sharing information with team members, or conducting further analysis outside the system.

Export by Selected Column View: Choose the column view that fits your current analysis need and export the data in that format.

How to Use These Features

Select a Filter: Choose a predefined filter or apply custom filters based on store location, vendor, or product type to view relevant data.
Choose a Column View: Select from predefined column views or customize your own to focus on specific data points.
Analyze and Act: Use the filtered and focused data for inventory management decisions, such as reordering or addressing stock issues.
Export for Further Use: Export the data in the chosen column view format for additional use cases or for record-keeping.

Updated on: 12/12/2023

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