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Replenishing Products from a Specific Vendor


This guide provides instructions on how to use the Inventory Replenishment Report for managing and replenishing products supplied by a specific vendor. This is especially useful for tailoring orders to individual vendor needs and customizing order quantities.

Steps for Vendor-Specific Replenishment

Accessing the Report
Open the Inventory Replenishment Report from Inventory Replenishment menu.

Applying Vendor Filter
Use the filtering options to select the specific vendor you wish to focus on.

Filter by a vendor

Using the 'Re-order' View
Switch to the 'Re-order' view, which includes essential columns like Product, Variant, SKU, Vendor, Reorder Quantity, Unit Cost, and Reorder Cost.
This view is tailored for creating purchase orders and can be customized further by adding more columns as needed.

Reorder View

Exporting Data for Replenishment
Export the filtered data to a Google Spreadsheet or Excel file. This allows for editing and finalizing the order quantities outside the system.
Adjust the reorder quantities in the exported file as necessary, based on your specific requirements or insights.

Reviewing and Editing the Exported Data
Once exported, review and adjust the data as needed. This might include changing order quantities or adding additional notes for the vendor.
Ensure that all necessary information is included and accurate before proceeding with the order.

Creating Purchase Orders
Use the finalized data in the spreadsheet to create purchase orders to be sent to the vendor.
Keep a record of these orders for inventory tracking and future reference.

Tips for Effective Vendor-Specific Replenishment

Regularly update and review your re-order thresholds to align with changing sales trends and vendor performance.
Maintain clear communication with vendors regarding lead times and order requirements.
Utilize the flexibility of exporting and editing data to adapt quickly to inventory needs and business changes.


By leveraging the 'Re-order' view and export functionality of the Inventory Replenishment Report, you can efficiently manage vendor-specific replenishment. This process ensures that you have the right products in the right quantities, maintaining a balanced inventory and fostering strong vendor relationships.

Updated on: 12/12/2023

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