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Stock on Hand by Location

The Stock on Hand by Location report in Assisty provides a comprehensive overview of your inventory across different store locations. This report allows you to monitor the quantity, value, and percentage of inventory available at each location, enabling you to make informed decisions regarding inventory management and stock replenishment. Follow the steps below to access and utilize this report effectively.

Step 1: Accessing the Stock on Hand by Location Report

Log in to your Assisty account.
Navigate to the Report Library section.
Select the "Inventory Control" category.
Choose the "Stock on Hand by Location" report.

Step 2: Understanding the Report Metrics

The Stock on Hand by Location report presents the following metrics for each store location:
Store Name: The name or identifier of each store location.
Inventory Quantity: The number of units of inventory available at each location.
Inventory Percentage: The percentage of total inventory represented by each store location.
Inventory Value: The total value of inventory at each store location, based on the unit cost.
Retail Value: The estimated retail value of the inventory at each store location.

Step 3: Interacting with the Report Data

Click on any data cell within the report table to reveal a menu of actions.
Use the Copy Value action to quickly copy the value of a specific cell, such as the store name or inventory quantity.
Select the Filter by This Value action to filter the report by the selected value. For example, clicking on a store name will filter the report to show data only for that specific store.
Utilize the Break-down action to further analyze the stock on hand by different dimensions. For instance, you can break down the report by collection, product, or product variant to gain deeper insights into your inventory distribution.
Access the View Detail Dashboard action to navigate to a detailed dashboard view specifically for the selected store location. This dashboard provides more in-depth information and visualizations related to the inventory and sales performance of that particular location.

Step 4: Analyzing and Acting on the Report Data

Review the inventory quantities and percentages to identify any locations with low or high inventory levels.
Examine the inventory value and retail value to assess the overall worth and potential revenue of each store's inventory.
Identify any patterns or discrepancies in inventory distribution across store locations.
Use the actions available within each cell to further investigate and drill down into specific aspects of your inventory data.
Based on the insights gained from the report, take appropriate actions such as reallocating inventory, initiating replenishment orders, or adjusting stock levels to optimize your inventory management and meet customer demand effectively.

By utilizing the Stock on Hand by Location report, you can gain a clear understanding of your inventory distribution across different store locations. This enables you to make data-driven decisions to optimize stock levels, ensure adequate inventory in each location, and improve overall inventory management efficiency.

Updated on: 12/07/2023

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