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High-Demand Products Replenishment Guide


This guide focuses on replenishing high-demand products - items that have a high sales velocity and are crucial for your business's success. Efficient management of these products is essential to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain sales momentum.

Identifying High-Demand Products

Review Sales Data: Use the Inventory Replenishment Report to identify products with high sales volumes over recent periods.
Monitor Trends: Look for consistent top-sellers or products with increasing demand.

Steps for Effective Replenishment

Accessing the Report
Open your Inventory Replenishment Report from the Inventory Replenishment menu.

Applying Filters for High-Demand Products
Filter the report by 'Units Sold' or use a custom filter to identify high-demand products.
Consider using time filters to focus on recent trends.

Analyzing Replenishment Data
Examine 'Days of Inventory Remaining' to understand how quickly these products are selling.
Review 'Reorder Point' and 'Reorder Quantity' for each high-demand product.

Prioritizing Reorders
Prioritize products with low 'Days of Inventory Remaining' or those close to or below the 'Reorder Point'.
Adjust 'Reorder Quantity' based on anticipated demand, especially if sales trends are increasing.

Exporting Data for High-Demand Products
Export the data for these products to a spreadsheet for further analysis or to prepare purchase orders.
Adjust quantities or add notes as needed in the spreadsheet.

Placing Orders and Managing Inventory:
Use the finalized data to place orders with suppliers.
Keep track of the orders and update your inventory records accordingly.

Best Practices

Regular Review: Frequently review the report to keep up with changing demand patterns.
Dynamic Reordering: Adjust reorder points and quantities dynamically based on sales trends and seasonality.
Supplier Communication: Maintain good relationships with suppliers to ensure fast restocking, especially for these high-demand items.
Safety Stock: Consider maintaining higher safety stock levels for these products to buffer against sudden spikes in demand.


Effectively managing high-demand products is key to sustaining business growth and customer satisfaction. Regularly using the Inventory Replenishment Report to monitor and adjust your approach to these products can significantly enhance your inventory management strategy.

Updated on: 12/12/2023

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