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Key Reports for Efficient Stock Management: Gain Control Over Your Inventory

Efficient stock management is crucial for any business to maintain optimal inventory levels, prevent stockouts, and maximize profitability. With Assisty's comprehensive reporting capabilities, you can access a range of reports designed to help you gain control over your inventory. In this article, we will explore key reports that enable you to track stock levels, analyze sales and inventory data, monitor stock movement, and make informed decisions for effective stock management.

Stock on Hand by Location
The Stock on Hand by Location report provides a detailed overview of your inventory levels across different store locations. It helps you identify which locations have sufficient stock and which ones require replenishment. By tracking stock on hand, you can ensure that inventory is distributed efficiently and avoid overstocking or stockouts.

Low Stock Products
The Low Stock Products report allows you to quickly identify products that are running low on stock. This report is invaluable for proactive inventory management, as it helps you prioritize reordering and avoid potential stockouts. By staying informed about low stock levels, you can ensure that popular products are always available to meet customer demand.

Inventory Value
The Inventory Value report provides a comprehensive view of the total value of your inventory. It calculates the worth of your stock based on its quantity and cost. This report helps you assess the financial health of your inventory and make informed decisions regarding purchasing, pricing, and inventory investment.

Month End Inventory
The Month End Inventory report provides a snapshot of your inventory levels at the end of each month. It helps you track month-to-month inventory fluctuations and compare stock levels over time. By analyzing month end inventory data, you can identify seasonal trends, assess inventory performance, and make informed decisions regarding stock replenishment and forecasting.

Days of Inventory Remaining
The Days of Inventory Remaining report calculates the number of days your current inventory is expected to last based on your average daily sales. It helps you determine if you have excess stock or if you are at risk of running out of certain products. This report enables you to make data-driven decisions about inventory replenishment and maintain optimal stock levels.

Slow-Moving Products
The Slow-Moving Products report identifies products with low sales velocity or slow turnover rates. It helps you identify items that may be tying up valuable warehouse space or hindering cash flow. By identifying slow-moving products, you can implement targeted marketing strategies, adjust pricing, or make informed decisions about discontinuing certain items.

Aging Stock
The Aging Stock report categorizes your inventory based on its age or time since purchase. It helps you identify aging inventory that may be at risk of obsolescence or reduced demand. By analyzing aging stock, you can implement strategies such as promotions or discounts to sell older inventory and prevent financial losses.

Out of Stock Days
The Out of Stock Days report provides insights into the number of days a product has been out of stock. It helps you identify products that frequently experience stockouts and allows you to take corrective actions such as adjusting reorder quantities, setting safety stock levels, or exploring alternative suppliers. By reducing out-of-stock situations, you can improve customer satisfaction and prevent lost sales opportunities.

Inventory Movement by Product
This Inventory Movement by Product report provides an overview of your inventory movements for each product, showing the quantity of items sold, returned, transferred, and on-hand inventory. Use this report to gain insight into which products are selling quickly and which may be overstocked.


Efficient stock management is essential for maintaining a healthy and profitable business. With Assisty's comprehensive suite of inventory reports, you can gain valuable insights, track stock levels, analyze sales and inventory data, and make informed decisions to optimize your stock management processes. By leveraging these key reports, you can improve inventory turnover, reduce costs, prevent stockouts, and ensure seamless operations.

Updated on: 12/07/2023

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