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How to Set Up the Replenishment Parameters in Assisty?

Assisty helps you manage inventory by providing reports on which items need reordering and in what quantities. To make these reports accurate, set up the following parameters for each product variant:

Supplier Information:

Lead Time: Time taken by the supplier to deliver the order.
Supplier Name: The name of the supplier.

Purchase Order:

Order Cycle: Frequency of placing orders.
Fixed Order Quantity: A predetermined order quantity.
Minimum Order Quantity: The smallest quantity you can order.
Maximum Order Quantity: The largest quantity you can order.

Inventory Management:

Minimum Inventory Quantity: The least amount of stock you should have.
Maximum Inventory Quantity: The most stock you should hold.
Minimum Stock Cover Days: The minimum number of days' worth of stock you need.
Maximum Stock Cover Days: The maximum number of days' worth of stock you need.

These settings help us calculate the Reorder Point, Reorder Quantity, and Reorder Date for each product variant.

Steps to Set Up Replenishment Parameters:

Navigate to the Replenishment Settings Page
You'll see two tabs: one listing all products and another with a form for entering parameter values.

Replenishment Setting Page

Filter the Product List:
Use the filter options to narrow down the product variants you want to set.
You can filter by:
Product Type
Product Segment
Store Location

Filter Products

Enter Parameter Values:

Switch to the form tab and input the values for each parameter for the selected product variants.
Apply Settings:
Click on "Apply." The system will save the parameter values for each selected product variant.

Using the Simulate Feature:

Click on the Simulate Button:
A popup will appear showing the parameters you have entered in the form.

Enter Assumptions for Current Sales and Inventory:
Inventory On Hand: Current stock available.
Incoming Stock: Stock that is on its way.
Average Units Sold Per Day: Average daily sales for the product.

Calculate Reorder Values:
Click on the "Calculate" button.
The system will display the Reorder Point and Reorder Quantity for the given assumptions.
It will also show the formula used to calculate these values.

By following these steps, you'll ensure that Assisty can accurately calculate and report the necessary reorder points, quantities, and dates for your inventory management needs.

Updated on: 12/06/2024

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