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How to Use the Multi-Stores Connect Feature?

if you manage multiple stores, Assisty allows you to connect and track them all in one place. This helps you streamline your inventory management and analytics.

Navigate to Multi-Store Settings:

Log in to your Assisty account.
Go to the "Settings" menu.
Select "Multi-Store Settings" from the options available.

Add Stores:

In the Multi-Store Settings page, click on the "Add Store" button.
Follow the prompts to enter the required information for each store.
Store URL: Provide the store URL in the format

Approve New Store

After adding a store, log in to the account of that store.
You will see a connection request from your primary account.
Approve the connection request to link the store to your primary Assisty account.

View Combined Data:

Once the store is approved, its data will be integrated into your main account.
Go back to the Multi-Store Settings page and ensure that the store status is "Connected."
Navigate to your dashboard to view combined inventory and sales data from all connected stores.

Benefits of Connecting Multiple Stores:

Centralized Inventory Management:
Manage stock levels, reorder points, and inventory movements across all stores from a single interface.

Comprehensive Analytics:
Generate detailed reports that include data from all your stores, providing a holistic view of your business performance.

Streamlined Operations:
Easily transfer stock between stores, track sales trends, and monitor performance without switching between multiple accounts.

Example Scenario:

Adding a Store:
Click on "Add Store" and input the required details for your new branch in downtown.

Approving the Connection:
Log in to the downtown store's account.
Approve the connection request from your primary account.

Viewing Combined Data:
Once connected, go to your main dashboard to see sales, inventory, and other analytics combined with your original store and the new downtown branch.
By following these detailed steps, you can efficiently connect and manage multiple stores in Assisty, enabling you to have a unified view of your business operations and make informed decisions based on comprehensive data.

Updated on: 12/06/2024

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