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Creating and Customizing Cards

Step into the Card Design page and learn how to create and customize cards within your dashboard

In Assisty, cards are the building blocks of your dashboards, allowing you to display specific metrics and visualizations. By creating and customizing cards, you can design a dashboard that showcases the most relevant information for your business. Let's explore how you can create and customize cards in Assisty:

Adding a New Card
From the dashboard editor, click on the "Add Card" button.
Choose a predefined report from the Report Library or select an existing card from another dashboard.
Customize the card's configuration by selecting the desired metrics, filters, and visualization settings.
Modify the card's title to accurately represent the data it presents.

Customizing Card Settings
Once you've added a card, you can further customize its settings to meet your specific requirements.
Adjust the card's size and position on the dashboard by dragging and resizing it.
Choose a visualization type that best represents the data, such as metrics, line charts, bar charts, tables, doughnut charts, or pie charts.
Configure additional settings, such as date ranges, comparison periods, or specific filters, to refine the card's data presentation.

Updating and Refreshing Cards
As your data changes, you can update and refresh your cards to reflect the latest information.
Use the card editor to modify the configuration, metrics, or filters of a card.
Refresh the card to display the updated data by clicking the "Refresh" or "Update" button.
Keep your cards up to date to ensure you're making decisions based on the most current information.

Creating and customizing cards in Assisty allows you to tailor your dashboard to your specific reporting needs. By selecting the right metrics, visualization types, and configurations, you can design a dashboard that delivers meaningful insights and supports data-driven decision-making.

Updated on: 06/07/2023

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