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Public Dashboards

Explore the predefined public dashboards available to all merchants

Welcome to Assisty Public Dashboards! Public Dashboards are pre-built dashboards designed to provide valuable insights into various aspects of your business. These dashboards cover a wide range of metrics and key performance indicators, allowing you to track and analyze your business's performance effortlessly. Let's explore what Public Dashboards have to offer:

What are Public Dashboards?

Public Dashboards are ready-made dashboards created by Assisty to address common reporting needs across different industries and business types. These dashboards offer a quick and convenient way to access important metrics and gain insights into your business without the need for extensive customization.

Available Public Dashboards

Business Overview: Get a comprehensive overview of your business's performance across key metrics such as revenue, profit, customer acquisition, and more. This dashboard provides a high-level snapshot of your business's health and helps you identify trends and patterns.

Inventory Health: Monitor the health of your inventory with this dashboard. Track metrics such as stock levels, stock turnover, and out-of-stock items. Gain insights into your inventory performance to optimize stocking levels and ensure smooth operations.

Vendor Dashboard: Keep a close eye on your vendor performance with this dashboard. Monitor metrics such as vendor performance score, on-time delivery, quality ratings, and more. Identify top-performing vendors and make informed decisions regarding your supplier relationships.

Last 30 Days Sales Summary: Analyze your sales performance over the past 30 days with this dashboard. Track metrics such as total sales, top-selling products, revenue by channel, and customer demographics. Identify sales trends and make data-driven decisions to drive growth.

Sales and Inventory Split: Understand the relationship between sales and inventory with this dashboard. Gain insights into how sales impact your inventory levels and vice versa. Identify potential stockouts or excess inventory to optimize your supply chain.

These public dashboards provide a starting point for your reporting needs and offer valuable insights into key areas of your business. Explore these dashboards to gain immediate access to important metrics and make data-driven decisions.

Updated on: 06/07/2023

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