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Duplicating and Modifying Public Dashboards

Discover how to duplicate a public dashboard and transform it into your own custom dashboard

In Assisty, we provide a set of pre-built public dashboards that you can easily duplicate and customize to meet your specific reporting needs. Duplicating a public dashboard allows you to have a starting point for your own customized version, saving you time and effort. Let's explore how you can duplicate and modify public dashboards in Assisty:

Accessing Public Dashboards
Go to the "Dashboards" section in Assisty.
Browse through the available public dashboards listed in the dashboard library.
Duplicating a Public Dashboard
Select a public dashboard that you want to duplicate.
Click on the "Duplicate" or "Clone" button associated with the selected dashboard.
A duplicate of the public dashboard will be created and added to your dashboard collection.
Modifying the Duplicated Dashboard
Open the duplicated dashboard to start customizing it.
Rearrange the cards, resize them, or remove any unwanted cards.
Edit the settings of each card to display the desired metrics, visualizations, or data filters.
Personalize the dashboard by adding your own logo, titles, or additional content.
Saving and Sharing the Modified Dashboard
Once you've made the desired modifications to the duplicated dashboard, save your changes.
Give your modified dashboard a meaningful name that reflects its purpose.
Share your modified dashboard with other team members or stakeholders by providing them with access to view or edit the dashboard.

Updated on: 07/07/2023

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