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Inventory Health Dashboard

Discover the Inventory Health dashboard, designed to help you monitor and optimize your inventory management

The Inventory Health Dashboard in Assisty provides key insights into the health and performance of your inventory. By monitoring important metrics and visualizations, you can effectively manage your inventory levels and ensure smooth operations. Let's explore the components and metrics included in the Inventory Health Dashboard:

Inventory Turnover
Measures how quickly your inventory is being sold and replenished.
Helps identify items with slow turnover and optimize inventory management.
Sell-through Rate by Month
Analyzes the rate at which your products are being sold during each month.
Provides insights into seasonal trends and product performance over time.
Weeks of Remaining Inventory by Product
Calculates the number of weeks your current inventory can sustain sales for each product.
Helps you assess stock availability and plan for future demand.
Out of Stock Days Count by Product Variant
Tracks the number of days each product variant has been out of stock.
Enables you to identify variants that frequently experience stockouts.
Out of Stock Products
Lists the products that are currently out of stock.
Allows you to take prompt action to replenish inventory and avoid lost sales.
Low Stock Under 5 Units
Highlights products that have low stock levels, specifically under 5 units.
Helps you prioritize restocking efforts and prevent stockouts.
Inventory Value by Location
Visualizes the value of your inventory across different locations or warehouses.
Allows you to allocate resources efficiently and manage inventory across multiple locations.
Best Selling Products
Identifies the top-selling products based on sales performance.
Provides insights into popular items and allows you to focus on high-demand products.

The Inventory Health Dashboard empowers you to make data-driven decisions to optimize your inventory management. Utilize these metrics and visualizations to improve stock availability, reduce stockouts, and maximize profitability.

Updated on: 10/07/2023

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