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Vendor Dashboard

Dive into the Vendor Dashboard, specifically tailored for vendor management and analysis

The Vendor Dashboard in Assisty provides valuable insights into the performance and relationships with your vendors. By analyzing key metrics and visualizations, you can effectively manage your vendor partnerships and make data-driven decisions. Let's explore the components and report cards included in the Vendor Dashboard:

Return Rate
Measures the rate of returns for products sourced from each vendor.
Helps you evaluate the quality and reliability of vendor products.
Return Quantity
Tracks the quantity of products returned for each vendor.
Allows you to identify vendors with higher return volumes and take necessary actions.
Top Sales by Vendor
Ranks vendors based on their sales performance.
Provides insights into the most successful vendor partnerships.
Discount Amount by Vendor
Analyzes the total discount amount provided by each vendor.
Allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of vendor pricing strategies.
Inventory Value by Vendor
Visualizes the value of inventory sourced from each vendor.
Helps you monitor inventory investments and manage vendor relationships.
Inventory Share by Vendor
Displays the percentage of inventory value contributed by each vendor.
Allows you to assess the distribution of inventory among vendors.
Sales Share by Vendor
Shows the percentage of total sales generated by each vendor.
Enables you to identify vendors with significant contributions to your revenue.
Sell-through Rate by Vendor
Measures the rate at which vendor products are being sold.
Provides insights into the popularity and demand for each vendor's products.
Profit Margin by Vendor
Calculates the profit margin for products sourced from each vendor.
Helps you assess the profitability of vendor partnerships.

The Vendor Dashboard empowers you to optimize your vendor relationships, identify opportunities for improvement, and maximize profitability. Utilize these metrics and report cards to make data-driven decisions when it comes to vendor management.

Updated on: 10/07/2023

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