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How to get the list of archived & draft products

1. Find the report inventory on hand by product

Open the left menu: Inventory Tracking / Inventory On Hand
Click on the report "Stock on hand by product"

2. Add filter by product status

Click on the Add filter at the left sidebar, and then click add new filter

Select the "Product Status" in column filter, "Filter condition" as "equal", "Filter values" as "Archived" and "Draft"

Click on the "Apply" button, and then you can see the report applying filter by product status.

3. Save report to your list

After get the right report, you should add the report to your list for using later.
Click on the extra actions at the top right of the report, then select "Save as new report"

Enter the name of report that you can remember, and then click on "Save as new report"

4. Find the report in your list

You can find a saved report by browsing the left menu "My Reports" in the app.

Updated on: 11/07/2024

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