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Adding New Columns

Discover how to add additional columns to your report to include more metrics or attributes for deeper analysis.

Assisty provides the flexibility to add new columns to a report, allowing you to include additional metrics or attributes that are relevant to your analysis. By adding new columns, you can enrich the report with the specific data points you need. Follow the steps below to add new columns to a report:
Access the column management section of the report by clicking on the Configuration Icon located on the top-right corner of the report page. This icon is typically represented by a gear or settings icon.
Within the column management section, you will see the list of currently included columns in the report.
To explore additional columns that can be added to the report, click on the "More Columns" option. This will open a popup window displaying all the possible columns available for the current report.
In the popup window, browse through the list of columns to find the one you want to add.
Click on the name of the column you wish to include in the report.
After clicking on the column name, it will be selected and added to the report.
If you wish to add more columns, repeat steps 4 to 6.
Once you have selected all the desired columns, click on the "Apply" button to make the changes effective.
The report will refresh, and the newly added columns will be included in the report view.


By adding new columns, you can customize the report to include the specific metrics or attributes that are important for your analysis. This allows you to gain deeper insights and explore your data in a way that aligns with your unique requirements.

Updated on: 06/07/2023

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