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Drill-Down Data

Learn how to drill down into specific data points to view more detailed information and explore underlying data layers.

Assisty's Drill-Down Data feature allows you to dive deeper into the analysis of specific data points within your reports. By utilizing this feature, you can zoom in on a particular row of data and explore it from various dimensions, gaining deeper insights and uncovering valuable information. Follow the steps below to drill down into your data:

Locate the drill-down link at the start of each row in the data table. This link is typically represented by an icon or a clickable text.
Click on the drill-down link corresponding to the row you wish to explore in more detail.
Upon clicking the drill-down link, Assisty will dynamically adjust the report to focus on the selected row and its associated data.
Depending on the context of your report, you will have the option to drill down by different dimensions. For example, if you are viewing sales by product, you may have the ability to drill down to view the sales of product variants or the sales of specific stores filtered by the selected product.
Explore the drill-down data and analyze it from the new perspective, uncovering more granular insights related to the selected row.
To return to the original report view, you can use the navigation options provided, such as a "Back" button or a breadcrumb trail.


By leveraging the Drill-Down Data feature, you can gain a deeper understanding of your data by zooming in on specific rows and exploring them from different dimensions. This empowers you to uncover valuable insights and make more informed decisions based on a comprehensive analysis of your data.

Updated on: 06/07/2023

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