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Adding Parameters for a Report

Learn how to incorporate parameters in your report to provide flexibility and interactivity, allowing users to customize their analysis.

Assisty allows you to add parameters to your reports, providing a way to input specific values that tailor the calculations and results according to your specific requirements. By adding parameters, you can fine-tune your analysis and generate more accurate insights. Follow the steps below to add parameters to a report:

Navigate to the report page where you want to add parameters in Assisty.
Locate the parameter section, which is typically displayed at the top left of the report page. It may be labeled as "Parameters" or have specific parameter names relevant to the report.
Click on the name of the available parameter to access the parameter options or input field.
In the parameter options or input field, you can choose from predefined values provided in a dropdown menu or input your own custom value. These values are specific to the parameter and its purpose within the report.
Select the appropriate predefined value from the dropdown menu or enter your own value in the input field, depending on the parameter requirements. For example, if the parameter is "Vendor Lead Time," you may choose a value from the dropdown or input the number of days required for vendor lead time.
After selecting or entering the parameter value, Assisty will automatically recalculate the report based on the new parameter input.
Analyze the updated report with the added parameter to obtain more accurate insights and tailored results.


By adding parameters to your report, you can customize the calculations and outcomes to match your specific needs. This feature allows you to adjust various aspects of the report, such as time frames, thresholds, or other relevant values, resulting in more precise and meaningful analysis.

Updated on: 06/07/2023

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