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Business Overview Dashboard

The Business Overview Dashboard in Assisty provides a comprehensive overview of your business's performance across key metrics and dimensions. This dashboard offers valuable insights to help you make informed decisions and drive business growth. Let's explore the components and metrics included in the Business Overview Dashboard:

Sales Summary Metrics
Total Sales: Displays the total sales revenue generated during the selected time period.
Average Order Value: Shows the average value of each order placed by customers.
Total Orders: Provides the total number of orders received during the selected time period.
Total Customers: Indicates the total number of unique customers who made a purchase.

Stock On-Hand by Product Variant
Visualizes the current stock levels for each product variant.
Helps you monitor inventory levels and identify potential stockouts or overstock situations.

Weekly Sales vs Last Year
Compares the weekly sales of the current year with the corresponding week from the previous year.
Helps you identify trends and understand how your business is performing compared to the previous year.

Sales by Brand
Breaks down the sales figures by different product brands.
Enables you to identify top-performing brands and assess their contribution to overall sales.

Inventory by Brand
Provides an overview of the current inventory levels for each product brand.
Helps you manage stock levels and ensure sufficient inventory for popular brands.

Sales by Variant Option
Analyzes sales data based on different variant options (e.g., color, size) of your products.
Allows you to identify popular options and tailor your inventory management accordingly.

Inventory by Variant Option
Visualizes the inventory levels for different variant options of your products.
Helps you ensure adequate stock for popular options and manage inventory efficiently.

Sales by Product Type
Categorizes sales data by different product types or categories.
Allows you to assess the performance of different product segments and make data-driven decisions.

Inventory by Product Type
Provides an overview of inventory levels for different product types or categories.
Helps you understand the distribution of stock across various product segments.

Week Covers by Brand
Displays the number of weeks of stock cover based on your current inventory levels and sales velocity.
Assists in inventory planning and ensuring sufficient stock for each brand.

Last 30 Days Sales Trend
Visualizes the sales trend over the past 30 days.
Helps you understand the recent performance of your business and identify any patterns or fluctuations.

The Business Overview Dashboard in Assisty provides a holistic view of your business's performance across multiple dimensions. Utilize these metrics and visualizations to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions to drive your business forward.

Updated on: 10/07/2023

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