How to apply the pivot columns to check inventory per location in report stock on hand by product variant

Step 1: Go to the report "Stock on hand by product variant"

There are some ways to get the report "Stock on hand by product variant" in Assisty - AI Inventory Management:

Using a build-in dashboard

Go to the left menu and choose Inventory tracking > Inventory On-hand

Click on the title of card Stock on hand by Product Variant or View Details

There are TWO ways to use the search box: on the left menu or in the Report library
Using keyword stock on hand by variant to search

Step 2: Add stock per location columns using the pivot column.

The idea is "I want to have the inventory on hand of a product at each location next to the total inventory on hand". Based on this, I will use the "pivot columns" feature to implement (Pivot column is a feature that allows to transform of data from row to column).
Click on three dots menu on the top right corner and choose Add Pivot Columns

On the modal, please choose Metric for pivot" is "Inventory Quantity" and Column to transform** is Store Location

After clicking to Apply, don't forget to manage the columns listing in the next modal (hide/show column or change the position by drag and drop), and below is the last result

Updated on: 17/06/2024

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