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Modifying the Break-down Dimension

Understand how to change the break-down dimension to analyze your data from different perspectives or levels of granularity.

Assisty allows you to modify the break-down dimension of your reports, enabling you to view the same type of report from different perspectives. By changing the break-down dimension, you can gain valuable insights and explore your data in new ways. Follow the steps below to change the break-down dimension:

Locate the page configuration section in Assisty. This section is typically accessible through an icon or a dropdown menu located on the top right corner of the report page.
Click on the break-down dimension icon within the page configuration section. This will open the break-down dimension options.
Within the break-down dimension options, you will see a list of available dimensions that you can choose from. These dimensions are specific to the type of report you are currently viewing.
Select a new break-down dimension from the list. For example, if you are currently viewing the sales by product, you can change the break-down dimension to view the sales by store location or sales by customer.
After selecting the desired break-down dimension, Assisty will automatically update the report to reflect the new perspective. The data will be organized and presented based on the chosen break-down dimension.
Analyze the report from the new break-down dimension and gain fresh insights into your data.


By changing the break-down dimension, you can explore your reports from different angles and uncover new patterns or trends within your data. This flexibility allows you to adapt your analysis to different scenarios and make data-driven decisions with a broader understanding of your business.

Updated on: 06/07/2023

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